Equipment List


Required Equipment


  • Bike – Yes, you will need one of those!! We STRONGLY suggest a road bike as a mountain bike or a hybrid bike just can not keep up with road bikes - remember, pace is 25-28 km/h

  • Helmet – You will NOT be allowed to ride without one!

  • 2 extra bike tubes (there will be several people there to help should you get a flat)

  • 2 water bottles or hydration system

  • Biking footwear/socks


Other Suggested Equipment


  • Biking gloves

  • Chap stick

  • Rain jacket (we ride snow, rain or shine)

  • Sun screen

  • Padded bike shorts 1-2 pair

  • Cycling Jersey (1 in addition to the R2R jersey)

  • Leg/arm warmers

  • Long sleeve polypropylene or bike shirt

  • Bike computer (for mileage, average pace and time)

  • Bike tool

  • Chain lube with rag (for personal use)

  • Sunglasses

  • Chamois cream, bag balm, chamois butter, etc

  • Energy gels, snacks for on the bike

  • Flip Flops or sandals to wear during breaks


For the Memorial Parade: (not for 2021)


  •     Your tunic/uniform



The support vehicle will carry the following for each rider:


  • ​1 garment bag for your uniform (not for 2021)

  • 1 small suitcase for your non-riding clothes/accessories 

  • 1 duffle which you will be able to access during the day with your cold weather gear, snacks, flip flops, etc 





If you have equipment related questions, please contact us or post them on the Facebook page.