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The 2021 edition of R2R is going to be hard to beat!  But we think we can do it.

Day 1:  Saskatoon to Humboldt (131 km)


Because of the tragedy that occured there, Humboldt has become entrenched in Saskatchewan history.  For Police and other first responders, it has also become symbolic of the emotional hardships that come with serving our communities and the importance of prioritizing our mental health.  We feel that it will be an important stop for the Ride.

Day 2: Humboldt to Manitou Lake (85 km)


In 2016, when we held the very first Saskatchewan Ride to Remember, we stopped in Manitou Lake and have been hooked ever since.  This rest stop is a favourite amongst our riders and after heading west last year and skipping it, we are BACK!

Day 3:  Manitou Lake to Moose Jaw (161 km)

Day 2 is admitedly an easy day.  But here is where you will pay for it.  The rolling hills of highway 2 will make your legs hate you.  The valley at Buffalo Pound will make you hate us!  This is where the team comes together.

Day 4: Moose Jaw to Regina (70 km)

An early departure and a short ride to the Legislature in Regina will make you feel the pride of your accomplishment and of those who have come before us.  We will ride onto the parade sqiuare under full motorcycle escort to honour our fallen heroes.

Total distance: 447 km

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