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Q: What is it?


A: A group bicycle ride for Police Officers, Peace Officers, Support Staff (and their family members) from North Battleford to Regina to honour our heroes.


Q: When is it taking place?


A: The memorial itself is the last Sunday in September - Sept 24, 2023. The ride will leave Regina on Sept 21 and arrive back in Regina on Sept 24. Participants will be able to attend the ceremony in Regina.


Q: What is the distance?


A: Total distance will be about 450 km. The 4 days of riding will be broken up as equally as possible taking into account where the best accommodations along the route will be found. ***You have the option to ride as long or as little as you pick the distance.***


Q: What kind of pace will this involve?


A: From our participation in the National ride to remember, the average pace is 25 km/h. The days are split up into approx. 50 km legs.


Q: What kind of bicycle do I need.


A: A road bike is the ideal mode of conveyance for the Ride.  A mountain bike is not suitable.


Q: Is the Ride to Remember difficult.

A: Somewhat.  You should be prepared to ride 150 km a day for 3 days.  


Q: Is this a fully supported ride?


A: Yes. Organizers will provide transportation for participants’ personal effects, food and drink for stops as well as “support vans” for those experiencing mechanical issues or fatigue. Participants will have to organize transportation home from Regina.


Q: Where will we sleep?


A: See the hotels page for further details.

Q: What will it cost?


A: Cost is $200 for the full 4-day ride.  If you would like to ride only certain days, please register and indicate partial ride.  Hotels are the responsibility of individual riders.  Dinner is included in Weyburn.


Q: Can I sign up now?


A: Yes.  Visit the registration page

Q: Will helmets be mandatory


A:  YES, in order to participate, all riders must wear an approved cycling helmet.

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